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Suite 17

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Stylin' Kats

Rox Gonzales

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Alexis Madueno


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A Studio Specializing in Men’s Grooming. Stylin' Kats was founded on the notion that all of us, men and women alike, want to love what they see in the mirror. Women have long known the joy of pampering themselves with a facial or getting their hair styled by a professional. Stylin' Kats wants to bring that same experience to MEN!


Now is your time to enjoy the experience of grooming! Stylin' Kats is Industrial & Rustic! You can chill in the Lounge with a Cup of Joe and a fresh baked cookie or check out the books in the book swap. Relax & Experience services featuring Rich, Hot Lather, Clarifying Shave Paste, Straight Razor, Hot Towels & various Massages. Prepare to be pampered.


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