Salon Suite Leasing

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Make It Your Own

Serenity Salon Suites provides a place where you can operate your own business without the expenses associated with hiring, training and operating a traditional salon. 

You will have control over your suite. Paint and decorate it to match your brand. Set your own hours. You'll have 24-hour access to the building. Choose the products you use and whether or not you want to sell retail. And keep all the revenue you generate.

Suite 9.jpg

Turnkey Suites

Move-In Ready

Many amenities are included in your lease including private suite with lock, sink or shampoo bowl, styling chair, ceiling fan, 24-hour access, security cameras, ample lighted parking, break room with coffee bar and refreshments for your guests, laundry facilities, WiFi, social media advertising, web page, suite door logo vinyl, and more!

Leasing Opportunities

24 Suites, almost 4,900 square feet

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Suite 7

Suite Mate Leasing Opportunity

Enjoy all the amenities!

Call for details.

Suite 7 Serenity Salon Suites
Suite 7.jpg
Hair Bliss Studio.jpg

Suite 8

Suite Mate Leasing Opportunity
starting October 13th

This 148 sf Salon includes 6 natural light windows, a storage room and its own bathroom plus enjoy all the amenities for $160/week!
Call for details.

Suite 8 white background.jpg

Suite 14

Lease this142 sf Salon and enjoy all the amenities! 

Call for details.

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Suite 14.jpg

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