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Hello and Shalom! I welcome you to experience the mystical magic of Moonlight Garden Massage Spa!

My name is Janice and I am deeply passionate about holistic health and wellness. I began my journey in the Healing Arts as a Certified Nursing Assistant and worked my way to become a Registered Nurse. I graduated Magna Cum Laude  from ASU with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010. As a bed-side Nurse in a major metropolitan hospital, I experienced firsthand the reality that hospital environments are often painfully traumatizing and stigmatizing for many patients. Much of modern medicine is rooted in doctrines of fear and monopolizing pharmaceutical interests rather than  principles of love, trust and the belief in people's innate ability to self-heal.

I felt a deep calling within my soul to pursue a professional path that is gentler, holistic and ultimately delivers a more effective form of healthcare. My prayers for a renewed professional calling were answered when I discovered the many clinically validated benefits of Massage Therapy. Discovering this truth opened me to the great healing power of touch and the reality of unseen energetic forces continually at work both within and around us. This was the missing link in my professional education; that is, the understanding of how energy in the form of mind, body and spirit powerfully shape our individual and collective experience of wellness and reality.

I proudly graduated from Phoenix College in 2018 with an Associate's in Applied Science in Therapeutic Massage. I have been practicing professional Massage Therapy for nearly three years now, and in this time I have witnessed true miracles of healing that defy common assumptions purported by the conventional allopathic medical establishment.

 We are all made of energy. Energy is infinite, indestructible and transmutable. Modern physics affirms this  ancient wisdom. Massage Therapy is a time honored and proven form of healthcare that can greatly help to rebalance and harmonize the energies we hold within our bodies.

The healing power of intelligent, intuitive touch provides a powerful gateway into this vast and lovely inner world of healing and peace. It is my honor to be a facilitator of healing along others' journeys to reclaim what rightfully belongs to us, wealth, love and perfect self expression.